Our Philosophy

Integrity ~ Excellence ~ Quality ~ Reliability ~ Collaboration ~ Innovation: These are among the values we live out every day in our work on behalf of clients in the markets in which we operate, including New England/NYC Metro area, Florida, the Caribbean and Central America. We are deeply dedicated to providing our clients with cost-competitive solutions that meet or exceed their unique needs and requirements for long-term building, plant and equipment reliability. We collaborate with customers at every stage of the process, ensuring that everything we do and recommend is based in factual data that empowers clients to make better decisions.

PURfx provides superior solutions ranging from Design/Build Engineering and Project Management to Custom Fabrication and Installation with more than 35 years of experience in applying international standards from ANSI, API, ASHRAE, ASME, ASTM, FM/UL, ISO, MIL-Spec, NEMA, and SAE. Our services and products are used in a wide range of industries, including commercial, hospitality, industrial, medical, military, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and power plant/power distribution customers.

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Our core competency

PURfx engineered solutions are based on careful consideration of all the options. When we make recommendations, rest assured they are tailored to each customer’s defined goals for performance and function. We collaborate with and guide customers through every stage of the process for each application, basing everything we do or recommend on supporting evidence and data to achieve long-term peak performance. PURfx also takes the extra time and effort required to incorporate energy efficiency and green technology solutions whenever possible to further enhance performance as it relates to energy costs, water usage, water reclamation and air quality for sustainability and conservation of our planet’s resources.