With the rise of big data, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, it makes good business sense to leverage all of these powerful technologies into operational improvements from optimizing energy management through predictive, proactive and preventive maintenance to overall facility performance and staff training. The benefits that can be reaped from harnessing these advanced technologies cannot be underestimated. With the right systems put into place, a small investment in PURfx analytics AI services and products can enable the following financial benefits:

Deliver a positive return on investment (ROI) in just months.

Reduce HVAC energy expenses by 10-25%

Improve energy performance without dipping into CapEx funds.

Reduce operating costs and deliver tangible, measurable savings.

Truly automated control, not just meaningless data.

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If it’s time for your company’s building(s) to adopt the next-gen technologies that will result in the significant financial benefits outlined above, please feel free to contact PURfx for more information, questions you may have, or to get the process started.

While the financial benefits to be gained from an investment into PURfx analytics AI services and products are enough to convince many companies to take the steps necessary to partner with PURfx to plan, design and implement a system, the benefits aren’t just purely financial. The operational benefits are also profound, as outlined below:

  1. Reduce the need for having a building engineer at every single building because with our system, a single portal for a single operator allows for the management of a whole portfolio of buildings.
  2. Standardize and deploy best practices for HVAC management across multiple buildings, regardless of regardless of how different they are or what types of systems are already in place.
  3. Lower the strain on facility staffing in order to focus on bigger-picture strategic issues.
  4. Our solutions work in all buildings “as is.”
  5. It doesn’t matter what building management systems (BMS) are already in place, our solution ca work with all of them.
  6. Optimize the comfort of building occupants.
  7. Improve operation and reliability of existing BMS.
  8. Make buildings Smart Grid-ready without custom engineering or additional upgrades.
  9. Improved sustainability.

In light of the extensive financial and operational benefits of PURfx analytics AI services and products, there is no time like the present to get started.