PURfx is a building management system (BMS) partner with Schneider Electric and is the authorized distributor representing this well-known brand throughout the Caribbean to serve the building automation needs of our clients with a special focus on B2B and industrial markets.

The facts are astounding: 42% of the world’s energy is used in buildings, and yet as much as 50% of that energy is wasted because of inefficient building management systems. Moreover, only about 25% of the costs of a building are capital expenses and the remaining 75% is the cost of operating the building over its life cycle. Building management solutions from PURfx and Schneider Electric leverage the digital revolution to make buildings more efficient and the building management task easier with anytime access to the critical data and actionable insights you need for better decision-making. PURfx building automation services include the following areas:

Building Management

Power Management Systems

Small Building Controls

Fire and Security

Valves, Actuators and Sensors

Access Control

Emergency Lighting

Network Infrastructure and Connectivity

PURfx and Schneider Electric offer unparalleled opportunities to establish a strong foundation for intelligent buildings that can deliver optimal energy usage and operational effciciency.

An advanced building management system (BMS) allows clients to unlock a building’s true value and unleash its productivity by leveraging big data and IoT into making better business decisions with superior solutions suitable for the digital world of the 21st century. Key products we use to accomplish this include the following:

  • EcoStruxure Building Operation for large buildings
  • EcoStruxure Building Expert for small and medium-sized buildings
  • Andover Continuum for single source for HVAC and electronic access control
  • SpaceLYnk logic controller for connecting all building functions
  • Controllers for individual rooms, central units that connect room devices, and elegant glass touch panels.

When the goal is optimization of the life cycle of a building and its assets, enhancing safety, improving performance, and reducing maintenance costs, PURfx and Schneider Electric is the perfect combination to get the job done.