PURfx has a robust engineering department with certified engineers that can work on a wide range of custom-designed, application-specific projects as well as provide engineering project management services to see any project through to a successful conclusion as efficiently as possible. Our engineers can also execute advanced CAD design services utilizing state-of-the-art software such as AutoCAD, Autodesk, Revit and SolidWorks CAD with 3D CAD capability. Whether your engineering needs are highly technical and complex or relatively simple and straightforward, we approach every project from a collaborative point of view in which we take the time to sit down with clients in order to fully understand their unique needs and requirements because at PURfx projects are not considered successful unless the client is thoroughly satisfied with the results.

The successful management of a range of building systems depends in large part on the initial system components installed. PURfx has established a vast network of supply chain partnerships with leading manufacturing brands for HVAC systems, building management solutions, pumps, valves, filtration, water and oil treatment, mechanical seals and more.

We excel at design/build engineering projects related to building automation systems, including the following areas:

  • Software design, point-to-point commissioning, sensor specification, and graphic interface/wire-frame design for HMI/Touchscreen and web-based controllers.
  • Comprehensive system integration for utilities sub-metering (electric, water, gas), irrigation systems, HVAC control, lighting, pump controls, booster pump systems, security systems for access control, and CCTV.
  • Internet development for sub-systems to include complete network design and layout, IP Addressing, Router configuration for VLAN and VPN access throughout the facilities existing network infrastructure.
  • Hotel and resort room controls based on smart thermostats/hubs (wired or wireless), complete software and programming based on smart set-back temperatures with room occupancy monitoring, including wireless door contacts and motion sensors with integration with the PMS (Property Management System) to optimize total room plan energy efficiency.
  • Optional features available for hospitality markets include room controllers integrated with room features to include television programming, mini-bar management, lighting controls, drapery/curtain automation, power outlets and room signage.

We excel at design/build

engineering projects