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Keeping a controlled environment in a tropical setting can be a challenge with the constant high temperatures and humidity, requiring robust cooling solutions that meet today’s desire for more eco-friendly and sustainable refrigerant options that don’t damage the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere and/or contribute to global warming, and that are as energy-efficient as possible even in large commercial applications. Manufacturers ahead of the curve are coming up with new options that can avoid CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, R123 and HFOs, and so should you. All those refrigerants are being phased out, which means any HVAC system you purchase and install that uses them will not have replacement refrigerant available. For new systems, you should be looking for those that use Class A refrigerants such as R134a. Also in this category of our supply chain services are mini-splits and light commercial HVAC systems, commercial refrigeration solutions, and flow meters (digital and mechanical) for accurately measuring volumes of all kinds of liquids and gases.

Here are the manufacturing brands in our supply chain network for these various products: