When pumps perform their vital function of moving fluids through a piping system, there is always the problem of leakage, which is a waste of whatever fluid is being pumped or a threat to environmental and public health if the fluids contain contaminants. The way to address pump leakage in modern times is with a mechanical seal, which is a vast improvement over previous “packing” methods and lip seals. Mechanical seals address both primary and secondary leakage paths through a wide variety of designs depending on the pump design and working conditions. Beyond mechanical seals for pumps, our supply chain network also includes companies that manufacture mechanical seals for agitators and compressors. The range of seals available through our network is diverse, including cartridge seals, component seals, air seals, pusher seals, elastomer bellows seals, metal bellows seals, rotating face seals, single spring seals and many more types for fluids ranging from clear to clogging to corrosive.

Here are the mechanical seal manufacturing brands in our supply chain network:

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